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Fewer US Residents Purchase Prescription Drugs From Canada

Online drug sales in 2006 from Canadian pharmacies to U.S. consumers dropped about 50%, from $420 million Canadian dollars in 2005 to $211 million Canadian dollars last year, according to data from IMS Health, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports. Drug sales across the border to U.S. patients -- once "a hot trend" -- have been suppressed by several factors, including threats from U.S. pharmaceutical companies to stop supplying drugs to Canadian firms, rising drug costs in Canada, a weaker U.S.

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FDA Has Not Inspected Many Foreign Companies That Manufacture Medications

FDA this year has not visited as many as two-thirds of foreign companies that manufacture medications or medications components imported by the U.S. subject for inspection.

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Abuse Prevention Information To Consumers Of Certain Highly Abused Prescription Drugs

SAMHSA is announcing the launch of a first-of-its-kind pilot program for providing point-of-sale substance abuse prevention information sheets to the consumers of highly abused prescription drugs.

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Democrats Reintroduce Medicare Drug Price Negotiation Legislation

Democrats reintroduced legislation that would require the federal government to negotiate prices directly with pharmaceutical companies for medications under the Medicare prescription drug benefit.

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