Medicare Advantage Plans Not Always a Good Deal

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Medicare Advantage Care Plans

Beneficiaries in poor health can pay more out of pocket for care in Medicare Advantage (MA) managed care plans than in traditional Medicare with Medigap supplemental coverage, a new Commonwealth Fund report finds. The report says beneficiaries in poor health can spend up to $2,195 more in annual out-of-pocket costs for their care in 19 out of 88 plans than they would have in fee-for-service Medicare with Medigap supplemental coverage.

In Medicare Beneficiary Out-of-Pocket Costs: Are Medicare Advantage Plans a Better Deal? Brian Biles and Lauren Hersch Nicholas of George Washington University and the Fund's Stuart Guterman compared estimated out-of-pocket costs for 88 MA and Medigap F plans in 44 areas across the nation. They found costs for beneficiaries in good health lower in all 88