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The Basics About Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage

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Medicare prescription drug coverage

The new Medicare prescription drug coverage is an important addition to Medicare that can help people save money and live better, healthier lives. Everyone with Medicare is eligible for this coverage, regardless of their income and resources, health or even their current prescription drug costs.

If you have Medicare, you owe it to yourself to learn more about this new coverage. If you have family and friends with Medicare, we ask that you help them learn more about it, too.

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Here are five easy steps to get you started:

Step 1: Understand the basics - Medicare prescription drug coverage is insurance that covers both brand-name and generic prescription drugs at participating pharmacies in your area. Plans are different, but each plan has to provide access to medically necessary prescription drugs.

Every Medicare recipient has two choices:

  • Join a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan that covers prescription drugs only and keep your Original Medicare coverage, or

  • Join a Medicare Advantage Plan or other Medicare Health Plan that covers doctor and hospital care as well as help pay for your prescriptions.

Step 2: Consider your current coverage - Everyone with Medicare is eligible for Medicare prescription drug coverage, even if you have coverage now.