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Vioxx-Ghostwriters Write Medical Studies

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Litigation involving drug maker Merck has revealed new information about safety concerns associated with the drug Vioxx, pulled from the market in 2004. Legal documents recently made public show the company found an increased risk in mortality rates during clinical trials to treat patients with Alzheimer's disease but the dangers were never made clear to the public.

While eMaxHealth considers this conduct by Merck to be very unethical behavior, some medical blogs, such as Pro Dosi Medical think that the research physicians truly have no time to write up lengthy studies. Pro Dosi writes that "if a medical trial is designed by company doctors and reviewed by a doctor who is willing to sign his name and career on the line for that study then I think it should suffice." It may suffice, but signing the document is one thing and not revealing the dangers to the public is another.

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Below is the quote from Pro Dosi Medical Blog on Vioxx situation.

The medical community and the government cannot afford to have such a lax approach by the Medical companies to have this type of health risk on the consumers.

The Vioxx lawsuits have brought to light that medical companies like Merck often have their medical trials written up by "ghostwriters" and feature physicians who merely sign off on the documents; to lend them public credibility.

"Is this really anything new?