Prasugrel Successfully Treats Stent Blood Clots

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Prasugrel in combination with aspirin cuts the risk for developing blood clots in stents.

Prasugrel is a drug preventing blood clots, and stent is a metal device inserted in a artery to keep it open. Stents have high risk for developing blood clots, and the condition is treated with widely available Plavix.


A new study presented at American College of Cardiology conference shows Prasugrel is more successful in treating blood clots than current treatment.

Prasugrel is developed by Elli Lilly and Japan's Daiichi Sankyo, and Plavix is developed by Bristol-Meyers Squibb and France's Sanofi. Researchers tested 12844 patients with heart stents. Half of patients were treated with Prasugrel plus aspirin, and the other half was treated with Plavix plus aspirin.

Those treated Prasugrel plus aspirin where 19% less likely to develop blood clots that cause heart attacks and stroke. However, these patients had increased risk for serious bleeding.

Prasugrel results were better for both early (30 day long) and late (450 day long) stent thrombosis.


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