Wedgewood Introduces Tiny Tabs

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Wedgewood Pharmacy has introduced Tiny Tabs, a 6.25 mm-diameter, custom-compounded tablet dosage- form for "pilling" finicky pets who won't cooperate and take their medicine in a treat form.


The small size of Tiny Tabs makes it easier for pet owners to "pill" animals, especially with difficult-to-administer and bitter-tasting medications. Tiny Tabs are about one-half the size of a tic tac breath mint and cost up to 70% less than other dosage forms, such as capsules.

Tiny Tabs are available exclusively from Wedgewood Pharmacy in frequently prescribed veterinary medications including Diethylstilbestrol (DES), often prescribed to treat urinary incontinence in spayed female dogs; Atenolol, often prescribed to control the heart rate of dogs and cats; Cisapride, often prescribed to treat gastric disorders in dogs and cats; and Metronidazole, often prescribed to treat protozoal and bacterial infections in dogs and cats.

Renee Lupo, RPh, technical services pharmacist for Wedgewood Pharmacy noted, "We custom-compound medications in scores of flavors, from apple, through liver to tutti-frutti. Our custom-compounded Gourmeds chewable tablets, for example, are flavored with high-quality chicken and fish meals that provide the palatable, proven flavors in leading-brand pet foods. But some animals -- especially cats -- simply are picky, even when offered medicine in a 'treat.' That's why we listened to prescribers' requests for a smaller pill and formulated Tiny Tabs."

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