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Medi-Scripts Prescription Pad Product Adds Patient Offers

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Medi-Promotions launched next generation prescription pad model -- Medi-Scripts PLUS. Building on the 27-year success of its Medi-Scripts prescription pad service model, Medi-Scripts PLUS will include patient offers on behalf of its advertisers whom leverage the list of more than 200,000 Medi-Scripts prescribers requesting and using its prescription pads free of charge in their practices on a daily basis.

With 90 percent of a physician's time spent with patients in the examining room, pharmaceutical companies are struggling to gain the attention of their target physicians. By developing unique advertising vehicles that reach physicians and nurse practitioners while they are in the examining room, the Medi-Scripts program empowers pharmaceutical manufacturers to reach and influence prescribers when they are diagnosing and treating patients.

Medi-Scripts PLUS takes the prescribers prescription pad one step further by including patient offers -- such as vouchers, temporary stored-value / loyalty cards, coupons and rebates -- from pharmaceutical sponsors. This new model is aimed directly at initiating new patient starts for a therapy.

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A recent survey of 176 primary care physicians found that 91 percent currently distribute coupons and vouchers and that 76 percent are interested in using the Medi-Scripts PLUS prescription pads. Another survey of 100 physicians found that physicians are more likely to distribute a coupon or voucher if attached to a prescription. Furthermore, an initial research project conducted by Wolters Kluwers for a leading pharmaceutical company product with more than $4 billion in annual revenue showed that the potential ROI for Medi-Scripts PLUS was 56:1. This was a significant increase from the Medi-Scripts base program, which has an impressive average of 21:1 ROI over 84 independent studies.

"Our promotional products provide pharmaceutical manufacturers with an alternative sampling opportunity for all phases of their products' lifecycles," said Richard Zwickel, vice president of Medi-Scripts PLUS. "Medi-Scripts has a strong pedigree of highly targeted direct-to-prescriber advertising, which has proven in 84 (third party) ROI studies to be a very effective way to increase market share for our pharmaceutical clients. Now, with a deeper offering for initiating therapy via Medi-Scripts PLUS, doctors write prescriptions and can hand their patients a way to receive a free product or a loyalty program for the brand or franchise. Our research has found that this approach to pharmaceutical marketing can increase prescribing habits significantly and even improve patient compliance as a result."

In a recent interview with Dr. Kenneth Meisner, Northwest Surgical Associates in Randolph, NJ, Dr. Meisner said that, "it would be easier if the voucher was right there when I wrote the script. I usually go back to my sample closet or desk drawer to find what a rep has dropped off."

The Medi-Scripts PLUS pilot program is launching October 15, 2007 to the pharmaceutical market with delivery to the 2,000 pilot recipients who are expecting to receive it in early 2008. The initial pilot will be a three- month program delivered to 2,000 prescribers based on a subset of brand targets. Zwickel also noted that, "since Medi-Scripts is a request-only circulation that is closely monitored and audited (for the last 22 years), it is important that we maintain the oath we have to our physicians. This means that we want our more than 200,000 prescribers to understand that this upgrade to their prescription pad can only help their daily workflow when dealing with patients in today's healthcare climate."

In an effort to prove an increase in prescribing habits, MarketRx has been commissioned to work with Medi-Scripts PLUS. In this engagement, MarketRx will provide an in-depth program evaluation for each brand participating in the pilot. Medi-Scripts PLUS expects to pilot up to 12 specialties in the near future. This effort will provide physicians with an alternative to sampling and other expensive tactics geared at impacting prescribing habits. Now, thanks to Medi-Scripts PLUS a patient will be handed an offer at the point that they are also handed a prescription from their doctor. This is a call-to-action for patients filling their prescription as well as a way to combat some of the financial challenges branded prescription drugs pose to consumers.