Public Strongly Interested In Prescription Drug Safety Issues

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Prescription Drug Safety

American University's Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies will announce results from a national survey assessing public views on safety of prescription medicines, FDA, and overall satisfaction with the U.S. health care system.

"At a time when Congress is debating the FDA Revitalization Act (FDARA) to strengthen the safety of prescription medicines and overhaul the FDA, this survey validates that drug safety is a real concern for the American public," said Dr. James Thurber, Director, Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies, American University. "The survey shows some support for the concept of FDARA, however, there is a clear desire and expectation among participants for regulators to balance speed of approvals with their responsibility of reducing safety risks."


Key survey findings include:

-- 64 percent of those surveyed say U.S. health care system is "broken"

-- More than three-quarters of those surveyed say prescription drug safety is at least somewhat important to them in deciding their vote for the 2008 Presidential election

-- 88% of Americans surveyed are confident in the safety of prescription drugs made in the United States