Vangent, Human Arc To Help Low Income Medicare Plan Members Get Prescription Drug Subsidy

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Vangent and Human Arc partner to help qualifying Medicare health plan members initially apply for and retain special federal assistance, making prescription drugs more affordable.

Called the Low Income Subsidy, or LIS, this government assistance is available to Medicare beneficiaries with income below specified limits. It covers all or part of their monthly Medicare Part D (prescription drug coverage) premiums and entitles them to reduced co-payment and coinsurance amounts.

Vangent's comprehensive informis member interaction management solution will provide robust analytics and contact management to complement Human Arc's proven Part D Solutions(SM) LIS outreach, member screening and enrollment assistance expertise. Informis combines Vangent's extensive knowledge and award-winning technology as the operator of the Beneficiary Contact Center (1-800 MEDICARE) for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).


By utilizing informis, Human Arc will increase its capability to precisely target outreach campaigns to the Medicare plan members most likely to qualify for the LIS, screen them and assist with the complex LIS application process. CMS estimated as of March 2007 that more than 3 million Medicare beneficiaries qualify but have not applied for the subsidy.

Additionally, the Vangent-Human Arc partnership will enable Medicare health plans to help their members who are currently LIS-enrolled to re-apply annually to avoid losing the benefit should CMS notify members that they are losing deemed status. The two companies working together will be better poised to proactively target effective outreach campaigns to these individuals and assist them with the annual LIS re-enrollment process.

"We are confident informis will help increase the number of lives we can positively impact with needed assistance to cover prescription drug costs," said Jeffry L. Markle, Human Arc President and Chief Operating Officer. "Tragically, many seniors with chronic conditions stop taking medications or neglect preventative care when they can't afford them. When we help lower income Medicare beneficiaries apply for and obtain the Low Income Subsidy assistance, their lives improve through greater drug regimen compliance, and that directly benefits their health plans and our nation's healthcare initiatives. In short, we make America healthier."

"The opportunity to work with Human Arc to help reach Medicare beneficiaries who need help paying for prescriptions demonstrates the positive impact advanced technology can have on our nation's healthcare system," said Mike Bowers, Vangent Senior Vice President and General Manager of Health Solutions. "We look forward to a successful partnership with the Human Arc team as they work with health plans to help their members."