Health Canada Advises Not To Use Kui Hua Chut Lee San Bird's Nest & Pearl

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Health Canada is advising consumers not to use Kui Hua Chut Lee San Bird's Nest & Pearl Batch # WA00030, manufactured by Hui Chun Tang Zhong Yao Chang / Hong Kong due to concerns about possible side-effects.


The proprietary Chinese medicine Kui Hua Chut Lee San Bird's Nest & Pearl is indicated as a treatment for indigestion and constipation in children. The product is packaged in an off-white coloured box featuring Chinese lettering and a picture of children gathered around a fishbowl.

The Hong Kong Department of Health [HKDH] found batch #WA00030 of the product Kui Hua Chut Lee San Bird's Nest & Pearl to exceed the acceptable limit for microbiological contaminants set out by the HKDH. Further investigation revealed that this product also exceeded the limit for all types of bacterial contamination in Natural Health Products in Canada.

This product is indicated for use in children. Young children are particularly susceptible to bacterial infections with the use of bacterial-contaminated products since their immune systems are not yet fully developed.

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