Public Reminded Not To Use Unregistered Pharmaceutical Products

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Unregistered Pharmaceutical Products

Hong Kong Department of Health called on members of public and doctors to be extra cautious when using seven brands of pharmaceutical products (human immunoglobulin and human albumin products) following the seizure of a quantity of drugs bearing counterfeit label with bogus or no registration numbers.

The seizure was made during a joint operation by the Police and DH at a premises in Tsuen Wan today. It included 4000 units of human immunoglobulin and human albumin products bearing false registration numbers as follows:

- Human Immunoglobulin 50 ml (False registration number: HK 53419)

- Gamma Globulin Provie 320 mg (False registration number: HK 46898)

- Normal Serum Albumin (Human) 50 ml (False registration number: HK 41623)

- Human Albumin 25% Zinvie 50ml (False registration number: HK 41623)

- Gamma Globulin Zinvie 3ml (False registration number: HK 46887)

- Gamma Globulin Zinvie 320mg (False registration number: HK 46887)


- Gamma Globulin Poleas 320mg (False registration number:HK 46876)

Six brands of unregistered pharmaceutical products without any registration number were also seized during the operation.

No report of adverse effects relating to the concerned products has been received by DH so far. Further investigations by the DH and Police are continuing.

Notifications are being sent to the doctors to alert them of the seizure of the concerned pharmaceutical products..

A spokesman for the DH said all of the brands of the seized drugs are prescription only pharmaceutical products, but members of the public should consult their doctors when coming across the dubious products as they may be contaminated or contain inaccurate quantities of active ingredients.

He said under the Pharmacy and Poisons Ordinance (PPO), all pharmaceutical products must be registered before sale in Hong Kong to ensure that the registered products meet the required standard of safety, efficacy and quality. . Registered products are required to be labeled with a registration number.

"It is an offence for any person to supply unregistered pharmaceutical product. If convicted, the person concerned is liable to a maximum penalty of a fine of $100 000 and two years' imprisonment," the spokesman said.

Human albumin solution is used for plasma volume replacement and to restore colloid osmotic pressure. It is used in conditions such as burns, severe acute albumin loss and acute hypovolaemic shock. It can only be supplied with a doctor's prescription and under the supervision of a pharmacist.

Human immunoglobulin may be used for the prevention of certain viral infection and in immunodeficient states. It is also a prescription only pharmaceutical product and can only be supplied under the supervision of a pharmacist.

Members of the public who have any of the above products are advised to stop using them and dispose of them. They should contact their doctors immediately if in doubt or feeling unwell.


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