Pharmacy Benefit Program Produces Negative Trends For Employee Rx Coverage

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ARMSRx gives results to hospitals that participate in their clients Hospital Association Pharmacy Benefit Program.

The program was specifically designed to serve hospital employees. ARMSRx had recently campaigned an introduction and invitation to hospitals nationally inviting them to be a part of this unparalleled program on behalf of their client. The Association Program was negotiated on the basis of 100,000+ lives and is available to hospitals of all sizes that are self funded or opt to carve the pharmacy portion away from the medical.


"The Association Program will put the pharmacy benefit program, in a stronger position, generate savings, secure sound performance guarantees, and safeguard service levels," quotes Jennifer Kingsley Wilson, CEO of ARMSRx. The benefits are: Transparency, aggressive discounts on both brand and generic drugs (pass through or traditional), access to greater rebate dollars, mail order service and specialty pharmacy, online reporting, no plan design changes necessary and administration by an industry leader.

There is no Association membership required for the hospitals and ARMSRx consultants are included to support the program for each hospital.

To identify the true savings potential, ARMSRx staff will perform a complimentary savings analysis based on actual pharmacy claims which are available from any PBM currently administering existing programs. ARMSRx does not replace the current brokers or consultants, but rather, works in tandem with the team in place today. "We have identified improvements for every client to date," states Stephanie Cormier, ARMSRx Vice President of Account Management.


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