Potassium Iodide Available For Free To Orange County Residents

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Orange County residents of the Emergency Planning Zone who did not have an opportunity to participate in two previous KI distributions can still receive KI pills at no charge.

The Orange County Department of Health and the Orange County Department of Emergency Services recently conducted two public distributions of potassium iodide (known as KI) pills for County residents residing within ten miles of the Indian Point nuclear power plant.


This "Emergency Planning Zone" includes the Village of Highland Falls, the Town of Highlands and parts of the Village of Woodbury, Town of Cornwall, Town of Woodbury and the Town of Tuxedo.

To obtain KI, residents must call the County Department of Health at 568-5333 in Newburgh or 291-2330 in Goshen for information on receiving KI pills at the Health Department's offices at 141 Broadway in Newburgh or 124 Main St in Goshen.

Potassium Iodide, commonly know as KI, is used to protect the thyroid gland in the event of a radiation release, but it does not offer overall protection from exposure. In the event of radiation release, residents will receive instructions from officials as to when they should ingest the pills.