Guidelines For High-Cost Pharmaceuticals And Biotech Products

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The first initiative to be undertaken by ACI and Sanovia will be to develop a library of evidence- based guidelines for the appropriate use of high-cost pharmaceuticals and biotech products.

University of the Sciences in Philadelphia announced a relationship with Sanovia Corporation today.


To accomplish the goal of developing an independent library of evidence- based prior authorization (PA) criteria, a Clinical Excellence Council (CEC) will be formed to review and approve the guidelines and criteria based upon current research. The CEC will be composed of independent healthcare practitioners and leading experts, including pharmacists and physicians from academia and managed care organizations. Ultimately, Sanovia will use the approved library of guidelines and criteria for the benefit of its clients to improve patient health outcomes while also potentially lowering costs.

"This is a terrific opportunity to utilize the vast expertise of faculty and staff at University of the Sciences in Philadelphia and other organizations to develop an independently reviewed set of criteria, grounded on practice and evidence in the literature," said Shawn P. Curtin, Executive Director of ACI and Assistant Dean, Finance and Entrepreneurial Affairs for Philadelphia College of Pharmacy. "We look forward to building a strong and lasting relationship with Sanovia."

"We are very pleased that USP's Advanced Concepts Institute has agreed to partner with us on this important project," said Robert E. Tremain, President and CEO of Sanovia. "With a truly independent Clinical Excellence Council, we can ensure our clients that these guidelines for managing high cost pharmaceutical products are truly focused on appropriateness and quality for the patient. As our nation's first College of Pharmacy, USP continues to lead the way on innovation."