Laboratorios Kimiceg Implements Epicor For Pharmaceutical Solution

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Laboratorios Kimiceg has selected Epicor for Pharmaceutical to integrate its manufacturing and financial processes.

Kimiceg began the Epicor implementation in February 2006 and in just two and a half months was up and running with a fully operational system.

"Prior to implementing Epicor we had no process integration, and were using a homemade system to perform all processes, which created more work and set significant limitations for our growth," said Ricardo Blanco, IT Manager for Kimiceg. "Since the Epicor implementation, we have integrated all of our business processes, from sales projection, purchase and production planning, to order placements, billing and collection."

According to Blanco, key factors to the success of the project were the support of Kimiceg's senior management, the active input from users and consulting support by the company SCS Venezuela. He also emphasized the completeness of the standard functionality provided by Epicor for Pharmaceutical eliminated the need to perform several customizations for adapting the solution to Kimiceg requirements. "I believe that we should adapt to the software, and not try to change it in order to adapt the software to a particular way of working," said Blanco. "The first months were full of intensive training on the use of the Epicor solution, in order to understand it in depth and take advantage of the complete functionality it delivers."


Once the system was implemented and the workforce trained, in order to take full advantage of being on the Microsoft .NET platform and a service- oriented architecture (SOA), Kimiceg decided to go a step further with the deployment of a Mobile Sales Force solution, developed in-house over SQL Server Mobile, which transparently integrates with Epicor for Pharmaceutical.

With over 30 salespersons, distributed in different cities of the country, Kimiceg sales force is now able to place orders onsite from a cell phone and then transmit the information via e-mail to the distribution center, where the order is automatically entered into Epicor for Pharmaceutical for allocation of lots, continuing with the shipping track number and picking processes, and then providing the data to accounting and stock sections.

The Epicor solution manages the production and purchase planning -- Master Production Scheduling (MPS) and Material Requirements Planning (MRP) -- which enables the system to look at future demand and suggest the purchasing needs and the production orders to be placed. "This is the first process performed by Planning and Logistics users on the first day of every month -- no purchase order is placed at the department in question that has not been suggested by the Epicor solution," said Blanco. "The purchase order process has been reduced from 15 to 3 days as a result."

Based on Microsoft .NET and Web services technology, Epicor for Pharmaceutical is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) suite that provides specific functionality to meet the complex needs of the pharmaceutical, chemistry, food and beverages and cosmetic industries. The Epicor solution provides finance, supply chain, manufacturing and customer service functionality, enabling companies to gain better cost management, increase profits and manage their operations.

Approximately 58% of the largest global pharmaceutical companies listed in the Fortune 500 use Epicor. In Latin America, over 30 clients in the pharmaceutical, labs, chemistry, food and beverages, and cosmetic sectors rely on Epicor to manage more efficient processes.