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American University Announces New Dialogue Series On Prescription Drug Safety

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Prescription Drug Safety

"A Dialogue: Seeking Common Ground On Drug Safety" launches a new series of forums to address policy issues related to the anticipated passage and implementation of the Food & Drug Administration Revitalization Act.

The series will consist of three forums that will focus on identifying and exploring common understandings and agreements with respect to prescription drug safety, a growing public health issue in the United States and a top health policy concern for public policymakers in Washington, DC. The series will be presented by American University's Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies (CCPS), with underwriting support from Pfizer Inc.

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"A Dialogue: Seeking Common Ground on Drug Safety" is a series consisting of three forums: Public Policy Considerations of Drug Safety; Political Realities of Drug Safety; and Medical Issues Surrounding Drug Safety. Each program will feature an array of public policymakers, medical experts, patient advocates, and representatives from the health industry to discuss prescription drug safety. By bringing together diverse viewpoints on the policies and procedures affecting prescription drug safety, the programs are intended to identify common ground on key issues with respect to patient health and safety and will subsequently disseminate findings to policymakers, the medical community, and the general public.

"As with most aspects of health policy, there are many perspectives on prescription drug safety, all of which must be considered thoughtfully," said James A. Thurber, Ph.D., Director, Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies, School of Public Affairs, American University.

"Swinging the pendulum of drug safety too far, one way or the other, ultimately presents the prospect of either denying patient access to innovative care or, on the other hand, exposing patients to undue safety risks. Our series will encourage a balanced dialogue to identify common ground on drug safety and restore public confidence that has been badly shaken by recent disasters, such as the withdrawal of Vioxx in 2004. We look forward to providing valuable data and expert perspectives to help inform the implementation of FDARA (Drug Safety) and the consideration of future health care measures."

In addition to disseminating important findings of the series to key stakeholders and the general public, a print monograph from the series will be distributed to medical, policy, and political organizations.