Health Canada Is Advising Not To Use Xiaokeshuping Jiangtangning Jiaonang Capsules

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Xiaokeshuping Jiangtangning Jiaonang Capsules

Health Canada is advising consumers not to use Xiaokeshuping Jiangtangning Jiaonang capsules due to concerns about possible side-effects.

Xiaokeshuping Jiangtangning Jiaonang capsules are red-and-white in colour. The capsules are contained in a foil package within in a white-and-green box bearing Chinese lettering.

The Hong Kong Department of Health found Xiaokeshuping Jiangtangning Jiaonang capsules to contain the undeclared pharmaceutical drugs phenformin, rosiglitazone, and glibenclamide, which may be used in diabetes to lower blood sugar. The HKDH conducted the analysis following receipt of a report that one woman in China had been hospitalized due to a serious hypoglycaemic attack (very low blood sugar) after using Xiaokeshuping Jiangtangning Jiaonang.


Phenformin was previously used for the treatment of diabetes, but was removed from the Canadian market in 1977 and banned in several countries, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Germany, France and the U.S.

Rosiglitazone and glibenclamide are used to lower blood glucose in the treatment of diabetes. These prescription drugs should only be used under the supervision of a healthcare professional

Phenformin, rosiglitazone, and glibenclamide may cause hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), particularly when combined with other blood glucose-lowering substances.

Diabetic patients using other oral anti-diabetic medications in addition to Xiaokeshuping Jiangtangning Jiaonang could suffer serious side effects, including serious, life-threatening hypoglycemia.

Symptoms of hypoglycemia may include sweating, nausea, and trembling, which may lead to headaches and blurred vision. In severe cases, hypoglycemia may cause seizures and coma.