Two Valproic Acid Drugs, Depakene 500 And Ratio-Valproic 500 Recalled

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Valproic Acid Drug Recall

Health Canada is warning patients taking the anti-epilepsy medications Depakene 500 mg and ratio-VALPROIC 500 mg that they may not be getting the full dose of the active drug, which could result in inadequate treatment of their seizures.


These products are being recalled and patients using Depakene 500 mg and ratio-VALPROIC ECC 500 mg (valproic acid) are advised to contact their physician or pharmacist immediately to obtain another suitable product. Patients should not discontinue their medication before consulting their health care provider.

If seizures are not adequately treated, patients are at risk of increasing number and frequency of seizures and of related complications, including injury from falls, injury from a seizure while driving or operating machinery, or inhalation of fluid into the lungs and aspiration pneumonia.

ABBOTT Laboratories Limited is recalling Depakene 500 mg and ratiopharm Inc. is recalling ratio-VALPROIC 500 mg. The capsules may not disintegrate properly; as a result, a lesser amount of the active ingredient may be released. Consumers who have purchased either of these products should return their product to their pharmacist.