Prescription-Writing Software Saves Time And Reduces Legal Liability

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Prescription-Writing Software

Doctor creates low-cost prescription-writing software for release to the medical community

Medical prescriptions created in chicken-scratch handwriting have long been a thorn-in-the side for pharmacists and medical laboratories. Lately, however, this "inconvenience" has become an expensive liability as juries mandate steep penalties against doctors who inadvertently cause harm to their patients due to mistakes caused by illegible prescriptions. A case in point is a Texas jury that awarded a $450,000 penalty to a physician and the pharmacist who misunderstood the doctor's written instructions. In addition, many states are following Montana's lead by fining doctors for writing illegible prescriptions regardless of whether or not the patient suffers as a result.

All of this, plus the number of hours spent writing prescriptions each year, was the motivating force that drove Dr. David J Pedigo, OD to create ezScriptWriter, the Windows-based software program that's specifically designed to automate the process of writing, storing, printing and updating all types of prescriptions including those for medications, spectacles, contact lenses and dental devices.


Unlike expensive and difficult-to-learn Electronic Medical Records software packages, ezScriptWriter is easy to set-up and easy to learn. The software operates on any PC or Notebook computer running Windows(R) XP or higher and is available for under $250.

Although originally developed for Doctors of Optometry, ezScriptWriter works well for any medical professional who writes prescriptions. The software provides an abundance of features including the ability to create legible prescriptions with just a few keystrokes. Doctors who use ezScriptWriter will especially like the time-saving convenience of being able to import their patient's previous spectacle/contact lens or medical prescriptions and quickly update them as needed.

The software can also be used to quickly create reports and letters that are pre-filled with the patient's demographic information which is drawn from the included full-featured demographic database. ezScriptWriter also includes a reminder module as well as the ability to add "sticky notes," short clinical notes or billing notes to each patient's record.

ezScriptWriter includes a pre-defined list of over 6000 most commonly prescribed medications for making the process even faster. OD's will appreciate the customizable contact lens list that is also part of the package.

ezScriptWriter is fully HIPAA-compliant and generates complete internal audit trails. Access to records and features can be controlled on a user-by- user basis, and the software even supports patient insurance tracking.