Pharmacy Board Adopts Pharmacists' Responsibility Rules

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Pharmacists' Responsibility Rules

The Board of Pharmacy has adopted new rules on the responsibility of pharmacists and pharmacies to fill valid prescriptions in Washington.

Pharmacies must now make sure that legal prescriptions are filled promptly unless there's concern that the medication could be unsafe for the patient.


Pharmacies will be responsible for ensuring that patients get their prescriptions. If an individual pharmacist will not fill a prescription, the pharmacy owner must make sure another pharmacist is available to do so. If the drug is out of stock, the patient can ask the pharmacy to find another source and the pharmacy must restock the drug.

The rules assure that patients will be treated in a dignified, respectful manner even if the pharmacy is unable to fill the prescription.

The new rules were sparked by complaints that some pharmacists and pharmacies refused to fill prescriptions for morning after birth control pills