Maine Natural Health Company Introduces Science-Based Nutraceuticals

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Nutraceutical Products

The Maine Natural Health Company has launched two new lines of nutraceutical products designed for people of all ages and therapeutic needs.


The company's MainerWhey(TM) Protein-based supplements are available in a variety of formulas to meet the needs of athletes or anyone seeking energy balance, hunger control, satiety, metabolic control, muscle building, and other health-related goals. The supplements are free of products such as ephedra, cardiac stimulants, psychomotor stimulants, steroids, added sugars or fat-inducing high glycemic index carbohydrates.

OmegaMaine(TM) Omega-3 oils are the highest quality and highest potency pharmaceutical grade natural oils in the US market and deliver on average, 4,000mg or greater per recommended dose (10ml). These oils benefit brain and cardiovascular health, decrease states of inflammation and offer specific advantages for women's health. OmegaMaine oils are processed using a method that minimizes oxidation, stabilizes the oil and decreases the development of a "fishy taste." They are available in five flavors: tangerine, mint, lemon, vanilla and natural.

"Our aim is to bring quality and safety to the chaotic field of nutritional products, which tends to be dominated by misleading marketing rather than science," says Leighton, a former vice president of pharmacology at Glaxo (now GlaxoSmithKline) and founder of several biotechnology companies. "By applying science and medicine to the design and development of nutraceuticals, we are producing safe, effective products at pharmacologic strength. All of our products are Olympic-safe; we don't use any banned substances or anything derived from them."