RxHub and EHNAC Announce First ePrescribing Network Accreditation

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RxHub(R), the largest national patient health information network providing clinical decision support information to the ePrescribing industry, and the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC) announces the first ePrescribing network accreditation by EHNAC. EHNAC is an accrediting agency that provides independent peer evaluation of an organization's ability to perform at industry-established levels.

"RxHub is the first to join a select group of value added networks that have demonstrated their ability to deliver services consistent with the only standards in the industry that measure the overall business practices of an ePrescribing network," said Lee Barrett, Executive Director of EHNAC.

To achieve EHNAC accreditation, RxHub submitted to an in-depth independent evaluation of their ability to perform at the highest level of standards for the transmission of health information. EHNAC's accreditation process requires a rigorous assessment of compliance with current performance criteria verified by a site review and approval by the commission. Every aspect of RxHub's business operations were thoroughly tested and evaluated as part of this process including the technology infrastructure, data security, emergency preparedness, customer service, and several other areas. All areas passed the strict guidelines for accreditation.


Currently in Maryland and New Jersey, EHNAC accreditation is required of any entity processing healthcare transactions on behalf of healthcare organizations located in those states. EHNAC has been properly authenticated and registered with the Office of the United States Attorney General and Federal Trade Commission as an entity that is capable and qualified to develop and measure national standards of healthcare clearing house HIPAA privacy and security.

The focus of the EHNAC ePrescribing Accreditation is on transmission timeliness for both electronic and fax ePrescribing transactions, timeliness of transaction processing, compliance with industry standards using NCPDP, X12, HL7 formats, and security and privacy for new prescriptions and renewals. EHNAC-accredited companies improved their efficiency and quality of service through:

  • Periodic objective and thorough business evaluation,

  • Heightened awareness of best practices and changes in an increasingly electronic marketplace, and

  • Formalized business discipline, organization, and planning through assessment of business performance against measurable industry criteria.

"EHNAC accreditation represents another milestone of our dedication to promote best practices of delivering critical healthcare information within the industry," said JP Little, Chief Operating Officer of RxHub. "We are proud of our track record of innovation, and our success in delivering high quality solutions that enable a connected healthcare community."


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