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Screening Apparently Healthy Individuals To Prevent A Heart Attack

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Screening for Heart Attack Symptoms

To accelerate the adoption and standardization of heart attack screening methods, the July 10th edition of the American Journal of Cardiology will feature a new practice guideline for screening subclinical cardiovascular disease in the asymptomatic at-risk population.

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Developed by the SHAPE (Screening for Heart Attack Prevention and Education) Task Force, an international contingent of leading cardiologists and researchers organized by the Association for Eradication of Heart Attack www.AEHA.org the SHAPE guideline set revolutionary standards for the careful and responsible implementation of cardiovascular imaging technologies as part of a comprehensive heart attack risk assessment and reduction strategy.

The SHAPE guideline calls for non-invasive screening of all asymptomatic men between ages 45 and 75 and women between ages 55 and 75 to assess their coronary plaque buildup or carotid wall thickness.

An analysis by the SHAPE Task Force estimates that screening these asymptomatic men and women could have the following potential outcomes:

  • Prevent more than 90,000 deaths from cardiovascular disease each year.
  • Reduce the population with a history of heart attack