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Heart Disease Symptoms

Why Heart Disease Is More Deadly For Women

A woman who has heart disease is 50% more likely to die from it than a man who has it. Although experts can point to a number of possible explanations for this, the research on women and heart disease remains inadequate, says the new edition of a Harvard Medical School report, The Healthy Heart: Preventing, detecting, and treating coronary artery disease.

Wild American Shrimp May Provide Better Defense Against Heart Disease

Vitamin B12 is a key part of a complete diet because it keeps red and white blood cells healthy, in turn helping to prevent heart disease and other diseases affecting the immune system. The nutrient also reduces a person's risk for anemia and for brain malfunctions caused by damage to nerve cells.

A three-ounce serving of Wild American Shrimp may deliver up to 19 percent more of the recommended daily intake (RDI) for vitamin B12 than some varieties of imported pond-raised shrimp.

GP Targets On Heart Disease Should Be Simpler And Based More On Treatment, Prevention

GP performance related payments for tackling heart disease are too complex. They should be simplified and based more on disease treatment and prevention and less on risk factor measurement, experts advise in this week's BMJ.

General practice in the United Kingdom has the largest healthcare pay for performance programme in the world - the quality and outcomes framework (QOF). Practices earn points for the services they provide and these points attract financial resources into the practice.