CVD Patients To Benefit From Statin Drug

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A new program to identify patients at risk of strokes and cardiovascular disease could save the lives of thousands of Manchester residents.

In the same week that drugs authority NICE (the National Institute for Clinical Excellence) issued new guidelines encouraging GPs to prescribe statins to more adults at high risk of CVD, Manchester Primary Care Trust has revealed it is to introduce a groundbreaking new scheme which could result in more of the drugs being prescribed.


From July 1, the Trust will implement the Government’s Putting Prevention First programme, inviting patients between 40 and 74 who may be at risk of CVD to attend assessment sessions in order to ensure they are given the necessary preventative treatment – which may include a course of statins.

The scheme will contribute to delivering the PCT’s Improving Health in Manchester programme, which aims to make great strides in tackling poor public health and low life expectancy.

Dr Sally Bradley, Director of Public Health for Manchester PCT, said: “CVD is the biggest cause of death in Manchester. In 2005, nearly 34% of all deaths were as a result of cardiovascular disease. A large proportion of deaths from CVD could be prevented if risk factors were identified and dealt with early enough. That fact alone makes the implementation of this programme a vital part of our battle to improve the health of the people of Manchester.”