Heart Disease Related Deaths May Increase

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Coronaryartery disease cases were decreasing during the last decades, but a newresearch shows that the cases started increasing.

A team of Mayo Clinic researchers and Cynthia L. Leibson, PhD conducted aresearch of OlmstedCounty residents. Duringthe period from 1981 to 2004 there were 3237 deaths of ages from 16 to 64registered in the County, 515 of those deaths were from non-natural causes,such as accident, suicide. The researchers studied 425 early death cases.

Autopsies of all studied bodies showed that coronary artery disease casesstopped decreasing by 1995, and from 2000 the cases even started increasing.

L. Leibson is not surprised with such data, because of high rates of obesityand diabetes. Most annoying factor is childhood obesity, which will cause moreheart deaths to younger generation. The study suggests that when today's youngpeople reach ages of 20s, 30s, 40s, coronary artery disease cases will besurprisingly high.

According to research, heart disease rates are supposed to increase in threephases:


The first phase is obesity. Obesity rates are extremely high nowadays, especiallyin younger adults.

The second phase is coronary artery disease. The rates of disease are alsohigh, especially among obese people.

The third phase is expected to be when people reach the mentioned ages. Therecan be lots of health complications, even lethal, and heart deaths willincrease.

This research once again shows extreme need to fight childhood obesity, becauseit may lead to heart disease death increase when young obese generation reachcertain age.


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