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Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most challenging diseases of our time, and new research is being conducted all the time. The latest Alzheimer’s study results as well as information on prevention, treatment, caregiving, and respite can be found on Emaxhealth.

Alzheimer's Drug Treatments Issue In Britain's High Court

Pharmaceutical companies and a group of patients with Alzheimer's disease went to Britain's High Court on Monday in order to force National health service to give all patients access to three drug treatments for the Alzheimer's disease which are Aricept, Reminyl and Exelon- three inhibitors.


MRI Image Technique Predicts Early Onset Of Alzheimer's Disease In Patients With Mild Memory Problems

Using new MRI techniques to analyze tissue composition and structure in the brain, researchers detected mild cognitive disorder, a condition in which patients suffer mild memory problems and is often an early symptom of Alzheimer's disease.


Exonhit Aims To Ask For Market Clearance For Blood Diagnostic Test For Alzheimer's Disease

ExonHit Therapeutics will ask for certification in Europe, and for market clearance in the USA, as early as 2009 for a multi-gene expression test assisted by an algorithm to produce a score that determines whether the patient is deemed with Alzheimer's disease.


Some Hypertension Drugs May Help Reduce Dementia Risk

Some high blood pressure drugs may help protect older adults from declines in memory and other cognitive function such as dementia. The drugs are part of a class known as ACE inhibitors - specifically those types that reach the brain and may help reduce the inflammation that might contribute to Alzheimer's disease.