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Prana's Drug Safe For Alzheimer's Patients

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New Innovative drug treatment showed to be safe and effective for Alzheimer's disease.

PBT2 is a new drug made by Prana Biotechnology, which is aimed at targeting the suspected cause of the disease. Researchers believe that spinal fluid holds enough information about what is going on in brain of Alzheimer's patients. Researchers suggest that supporting normal levels of beta amyloid in spinal fluid can significantly improve the quality of life in patients.

In brain there are beta amyloid plaques occurring which are believed to be toxic. These plaques occur when beta amyloid interacts with copper and zinc. PBT2 was initially supposed to keep beta amyloid away from interacting and studies prove the drug is successful.

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There was another version of this drug - clioquinol - which was found to effective, but it also reported neurotoxic side effects. Therefore, researchers further developed the drug to make sure it's safe. They conducted two researches - one on mice and the other one on humans - and found that PBT2 successfully reduces beta amyloid levels in brain and is well tolerated by patients.

Mice study showed that brain connections damaged by beta amyloid can be successfully recovered thanks to PBT2. Mouse brain was recovered enough to fully function.

The human study involved 78 Alzheimer's patients over age of 55, 49 patients were receiving PBT2, while 29 patients were receiving a placebo. Patients were given standard tests and were found to have planning and regulating behavior significantly improved, but memory condition did not show any improvement.

Now Prana Biotechnology is planning a larger and longer trial to see how PBT2 can be improved to make quality of life better for Alzheimer's patients.