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Statins Lower Risk of Dementia and Memory Loss

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The long awaited breakthrough research on Alzheimer's dementia and memory loss might just be around the corner as report shows that statins can lower the risk of Dementia and memory loss.

A study published in Neurology reveals that scientists have established further evidence that taking commonly used cholesterol- lowering statins may protect against dementia and memory loss. In fact, researchers found out that statins which in most cases is used to reduce hear risk may possibly cut the risk of dementia by half.

The research investigated more than 1,600 people over the age of 60 for five years. Those who were taking a cholesterol-lowering statin such as Lipitor had a rather surprising result.
They had a lower risk of developing early signs of trouble thinking or full-blown dementia. The study reveals that such people were about half as likely to develop these symptoms.

They were about half as likely to develop either early signs of trouble thinking or full-blown dementia.

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A quarter of the participants took a statin, and in overall 130 went on to develop dementia. When other risk factors such as education, smoking, and diabetes were considered, it was found out that those who took statins had an approximately 50% lower risk of developing dementia according to calculations.

Several research studies in the past have suggested that drugs to reduce blood pressure could well be used to lower the risk of dementia.

"The bottom line is that if a person takes statins over a course of about five to seven years, it reduces the risk of dementia by half, and that's a really big change." Said Professor Mary Haan, Lead Researcher.

Statins are currently used to reduce the threat of heart disease by lowering levels of cholesterol, which block the blood vessels. Dementia has always been linked to poor blood supply to the head.

An assertion is that if statins can help clear the blocked blood vessels, then it can also help reduce the risk of dementia.

According to Rebecca Wood, of the Alzheimer's Research Trust, it is not yet clear how statins work on the biochemical pathways involved in dementia so she advises not take statins except if medically advised to do as, as side effects can be horrible.