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Flu and Cold

Lethal Human H5N1 Influenza Virus Replikin Gene Still Upregulated

Replikins announced its latest findings regarding the virus replikin count in human H5N1 influenza virus. The company's software-driven analysis has found that the prevalence of these sequences has remained high in Indonesia; in addition, higher counts now have been found in China. These statistics reflect an "upregulation" of this gene which has been linked to the lethality of influenza viruses.

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GE Healthcare, Novavax To Develop Pandemic Influenza Solution

GE Healthcare announced a collaboration agreement to develop and market a pandemic influenza vaccine manufacturing solution for selected international countries. This collaboration leverages GE Healthcare's bioprocess solutions and design expertise and Novavax's virus- like particle (VLP) and manufacturing platform.

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Keep Your Family Healthy During Cold/Flu Season

For families with young children, cold and flu season is an endless cycle of somebody getting sick, recovering and then catching the next round from another family member or friend. Add to the mix the latest FDA concerns about cold and cough medicine safety for kids, and the drill becomes even more complicated.

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Minnesotans Urged To Get Vaccinated To Prevent Influenza

Minnesota has recorded its first culture-confirmed case of influenza for the 2007-08 season in a 44-year-old woman from Dakota County. The woman's illness was caused by the B/Shanghai-like strain of the virus, the Minnesota Department of Health reported today. The woman's virus is a good match for this year's vaccine, health officials said. The specimen was submitted by the University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview.

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Get Immunized Now To Protect Yourself From Influenza

State health officials are encouraging people who are at high risk for developing complications from influenza to get the influenza vaccine before the coming winter season. Individuals who are considered to be at high risk are children age six months through five years of age, people age 50 and older, and individuals with chronic medical conditions or compromised immune systems.

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Health Protection Agency Begins Winter Flu Activity Reporting

Health Protection Agency resumes its winter monitoring of flu activity in the UK. The flu season runs from October to May and, depending on the level of flu across the UK, an update will be published on the Agency's website either weekly or fortnightly.

The aim is to provide a comprehensive overview of the current situation in relation to flu including:

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Flu virus trots globe during off-season

The influenza A virus does not lie dormant during summer but migrates globally and mixes with other viral strains before returning to the Northern Hemisphere as a genetically different virus, according to biologists who say the finding settles a key debate on what the virus does during the summer off-season when it is not infecting people.

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