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Get Your Flu Shot At A Pharmacist

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New York City health officials are very worried about low rates of flu and pneumonia vaccination. They urge state lawmakers to pass a legislation that would allow licensed pharmacists to handle shots.

Currently New York City ranks 39th for flu vaccination and 41st for pneumonia vaccination. Health officials are worried about low rates and urge lawmakers to take certain measures. Vaccinations at pharmacists are estimated to increase the number of shot takers by 50000.

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"Influenza and pneumonia kill more than 2,000 New Yorkers every year," said Dr. Thomas R. Frieden, the health commissioner. "Many of these deaths are preventable. By expanding access to these vaccines, we will save lives. If our legislators take action on this measure now, we can look forward to less illness and death next year."

Other states already allow pharmacists to handle flu shots and it is proved to be very effective. People visit pharmacies more often than doctors, so they'll have bigger chances to get flu shots on time.

State officials are currently discussing the law, and there are several opinions on it. Some of them agree that flu shots at pharmacists will greatly help tackle the disease. Some others think that pharmacists are not trained enough to handle vaccination shots. However, they have studied 6 years before getting a pharmacist license, so it would be very easy to train them for injections.