Nature's Cookbook For Cold And Flu Season

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As cold and flu season approaches, millions of Americans begin stocking up their medicine cabinet with tissues, throat lozenges and the latest over-the-counter medications to prepare for the inevitable unpleasantness that is associated with this time of year.

But many might be surprised to learn that some of the best remedies against Mother Nature's winter wrath might in fact use her own natural wares against her.


"If you walk into any drug store you'll see dozens of cold and flu medications, but these drugs simply treat the symptoms, instead of preventing them in the first place," said Dave Foreman, registered pharmacist and member of The Vitamin Shoppe Health Advisory Board. "Consumers' use of natural products for their everyday needs continues to grow, and many of the latest natural supplements take a page from nature's cookbook to boost the body's immune system and help fight other winter ills."

According to Foreman, the latest natural trends in combating cold and flu include:

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