New Yorkers Urged To Get A Flu Shot

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As the flu season descends on several U.S. states, the Health Department is warning New Yorkers that influenza is a deadly disease and urging all New Yorkers to get a flu shot. The Health Department announced today that flu shots are now available free of charge at all of its clinics. Vaccine is in good supply this year, and no shortages have been reported. More information on where to get a flu shot is available by calling 311.

Influenza and pneumonia constitute the third leading cause of death in New York City, following heart disease and cancer, killing nearly 3,000 New Yorkers every year. While influenza is not life-threatening for everyone, it poses severe risks to the infirm, the very young, and the elderly. That's why it is so critical that these people and all those around them get vaccinated. During the 2005-2006 influenza season, only 59% of New Yorkers over 65 got flu shots. And only 33% of health care workers, who often work with the sick and elderly, got the shot.


"Get a flu shot and save a life," said Dr. Thomas R. Frieden, Health Commissioner for New York City. "It may be your mom, dad, or grandma that you protect, or it could be you. Now is the time to protect yourself and those who may more vulnerable to the influenza. Call your doctor or call 311 today for information on the Health Department's immunization clinics."
Who should get a flu shot?

Everyone who wants to reduce the risk of influenza should get a shot this year. It is especially important that the following groups get flu shots because they are at especially high risk of complications and death.