Confirmation Of Avian Influenza In North Wales

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Avian Influenza In North Wales

The Chief Veterinary Officer for Wales has confirmed a case of avian influenza in birds in North Wales.

The strain identified is H7N2 low pathogenic avian influenza. The strain is different to the highly pathogenic H5N1 strain currently circulating in South East Asia, and in Europe last year.

GB and Wales contingency plans have been activated. In line with this, the farm has been placed under restriction and a 1km restriction zone has been placed around the infected premises. Within this zone, birds and bird products cannot be moved, bird gatherings can only take place under licence from Animal Health, we are advising poultry keepers to observe strict biosecurity measures.


The 30 remaining birds on the farm are being slaughtered today.

The source of infection is being investigated.

We would like to remind poultry keepers to report any suspicious signs of a notifiable avian disease to their local Animal Health Divisional Office. These numbers are below.

Members of the National Poultry Register will receive updates by text.

Avian influenza is a disease of birds. It is very rare for humans to become infected and even then it is normally associated with close contact with infected birds. The risk to the health of the general public is very low.

Routine tests are being carried out on people who work on the farm and anybody else who has been in close contact.