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Building Owners Have A New Weapon To Combat Bird Flu

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Effects of a pandemic flu on business continuity

Independent laboratory test results show that UVGI effectively deactivated the H5N1 virus. The study tested UVGI's ability to deactivate the Vietnam strain of H5N1. This is the first time such testing has been performed on live H5N1 viruses, not surrogate microorganisms.

UVGI is a potent germicide. When microorganisms are exposed to specific wavelengths and quantity of UV, the organism's genetic material is corrupted. These organisms are then unable to reproduce and are rendered harmless.

VIGILAIR uses its proprietary software to design a system that combines UVGI and high efficiency filtration to protect a building's environment from microbial contamination. VIGILAIR systems are installed inside a building's ventilation system effectively disinfecting the air that is circulated throughout the structure. VIGILAIR has achieved similar positive results when tested against SARS and anthrax.

VIGILAIR is a dual-use technology that provides numerous ancillary benefits while providing protection against airborne pathogens. These benefits include:

  • Reduction of hospital acquired infections

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  • Improvement of general indoor air quality

  • Increased ventilation system efficiency; reduced energy consumption

  • Prompt return on investment

"Pandemic preparedness is a key concern for many of our clients," said VIGILAIR Systems President Peter Bjorkman. "This testing demonstrates that our systems can be effective against the spread of H5N1."

VIGILAIR Systems Inc. primarily serves commercial real estate, healthcare, government, industrial and biodefense clients. VIGILAIR installations can be found in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Asia. In 2006, the US Department of Homeland Security designated VIGILAIR as a Qualified Anti-terrorism Technology (QATT).