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Influenza 2006-2007 Season Update: Canada

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Canada's national influenza surveillance system, FluWatch, is coordinated through the Immunization and Respiratory Infections Division of the Public Health Agency of Canada. The program collects data and information from various sources in order to provide a national picture of influenza activity. FluWatch reports on five main indicators of influenza activity:

1) sentinel laboratory-based influenza and other respiratory virus detections;

2) strain identification and antiviral resistance for circulating influenza viruses;

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3) sentinel influenza-like illness primary care consultation rates;

4) regional influenza activity levels as assigned by provincial and territorial FluWatch representatives; and

5) paediatric influenza-associated hospital admissions and mortality data.

In addition, the FluWatch program also conducts an assessment of international influenza activity by monitoring reports from other influenza surveillance programs worldwide. This report provides a summary of the results on influenza activity in Canada during the current 2006-2007 season from 27 August 2006 up to and including 3 March 2007. The report is available online at: www.phac-aspc.gc.ca/