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Spirituality and Healing

Abortion Act of 1967 a "pack of lies" claims Cardinal O'Brien

Cardinal of Edinburgh Keith O'Brien speaking on abortion, describes the claims and assurances made at the time of the passing of the 1967 Abortion Act were no more than a "pack of lies" which amounted to "lies and misinformation masquerading as compassion and truth".

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Call To Reverse Sectarian Religious Beliefs On Reproductive, End-Of-Life Care

The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice released new ethical guidelines entitled "In Good Conscience: Guidelines for the Ethical Provision of Health Care in a Pluralistic Society," seek to strike a balance between the beliefs and rights of providers and the beliefs and rights of patients.

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Doctor Explores Spirituality and Health Intersection

Practitioners of modern medicine often focus on the diagnosis and management of an illness rather than taking a holistic view of a patient's body, mind and spirit. When illnesses are minor, the outcomes are usually good. However, a patient with a life-threatening illness can experience a life crisis that requires physicians to be expert in both medical science and the care of the patient's psyche and spirit. For a person to walk through the valley of the shadow of death, and survive, requires a sense of hope and the will to live. These arise from the human soul, a mysterious part of our being. Another mystery is that patients who are prayed for have better illness outcomes than those not prayed for, whether or not they know of the prayers. For some patients, healing and recovery are spiritual.

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The Power of Touch

"It is the magic of a touch, the power of a hug... that make life joyful." This is a portion of my essay in high school. My teacher loved it. She even thought that a professional writer honed the article for me.

Her skepticism was a compliment at the time. Her disbelief was a subtle way of saying that I had some writing ability. You know what? I bragged about it for days.

What is the power of touch anyway?

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