How to Feel the Human Aura with your Hands

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Human Aura

The Aura is an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds us. I used to laugh at that idea. How could anybody believe something so ridiculous? Simple! Using the correct technique the aura is easily visible. Although my courses are about Dream Interpretation I started showing people how to see and feel the aura to overcome their skepticism when I'd get to discussing the spiritual dimension of dreams. This article focuses on feeling it. I always enjoy this part of the course because it is something that works for everyone. People get totally charged at the magic and simplicity of it. I urge you to try this one. It will only take five minutes but could very well change your life by opening you up to a whole new dimension.


Find a partner who wants to try this with you. Only one of you will be able to feel the aura at a time so take turns. While doing this make sure you can see a clock or watch with a second hand. Assuming you are the one going to try it first here's what to do.

Join your hands in a praying position at chest height

Have your partner place their hands over yours so as to keep your hands together. For a period of at least one minute but not more than 90 seconds try to pull your hands apart while your partner applies pressure to stop you. Make sure to put effort into pulling your hands apart. This will hurt your arms but it's immediately worth it.

When the time us up have your partner completely remove their hands from yours and step back from you. Move your hands to just above waist height and hold them parallel six to nine inches apart. Hold this position.

What you will feel


You will feel like you are holding magnets in the palms of your hands and that they are repelling each other. Ever so gently, moving just a fraction of an inch at a time, move your hands closer together and then further apart. Don't let them get any closer than two inches. While moving them together try to detect the point of strongest pressure where your hands are repelling each other. Stop the movement at this point and then gently move your hands further apart and then back to this point. The pressure will increase as you "collect" the energy with your hands. This point of maximum pressure marks one layer of the aura.

Now move your hands to just over hip distance apart. Let the energy build up between your hands so you can feel it again. Now gently bring your hands closer again remembering to keep them parallel. You will feel another layer of the aura at a distance from between 24 inches to 14 inches. The distance varies from person to person. Once you detect this point collect the energy again by gently moving your hands further apart and then back to that point.

If you have difficulty

The most important step is where you try to pull your hands apart while your partner stops you. This gets the blood and energy flowing down your arms. To increase the flow push apart with your fingers as well as your hands. If it doesn't hurt you are not doing it hard enough. If you cannot feel it let your partner take a turn. When they feel it they can help describe to you how to feel it more easily.

How to improve your new ability

After resting for a while stand up and hold your hands as in step 3 above. Just allow the energy to build up and you will begin to feel it within one minute. You'll be glad to know that you never need to doe steps 1 and 2 again. Repeat this the next day. You will now always be able to feel the aura by just holding your hands parallel and letting the energy build up. It's that simple.


Michael Sheridan is the author of many published works about dreams and their interpretation.