How to See The Human Aura

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Techniques for seeing the aura alone are described later but it is best to do this with a group of 6 or more people. Choose a room that has a plain white or pastel colored wall. Dim the lights and wait until your eyes have adjusted. Have one person, the subject, stand still against the wall with their eyes closed so as not to distract the focus of the viewers. The viewers should stand or sit in front of the subject at a distance of about 6 feet. Glasses do not need to be removed by anyone.

What you will see

You will see a bright haze around the subject's body. This is particularly easy to see around the subjects head and shoulders. Some in the group may see colors but don't worry if you can't. Help others by describing what you see. Take turns as the subject and notice the differences between the auras. Some people's auras are easier to see than others.

How to see it

Look slightly above and between the subject's eyebrows. Let your eyes relax and don't try to see the aura. It is very much like looking at magic eye pictures. You will not see it the first time if you look directly where it is. The aura will just seem to appear around the subject. This can take from 10 seconds to 2 minutes depending on the viewer. When this happens don't look directly at it or it will 'disappear'. Instead, train your eyes to see it by keeping your focus on the subject as described above. After you have trained your eyes you can look directly at the aura without losing it.


If you have difficulty

While looking at the subject, think of something or someone that makes you feel good (your small child, for example). The aura is particularly easy to see around the head, shoulders and hands.

Trying this alone

With conditions the same as described above, put a potted house plant at eye level in the subject's place. Use a fast growing plant if possible. When looking at the plant open your heart to the wonder of its creation. How simple, yet beautiful, it is. When your heart connects with this you will see the plant's aura. When you have succeeded at this step you can look at your own aura using a mirror in place of the plant. The distance in the mirror is doubled so don't sit so far away. Look at yourself just as described above for looking at the subject.


Michael Sheridan is the author of many published works about dreams and their interpretation. He runs Spiritual Awareness Center in Dublin.

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im only 10 will it be easy for me to see it or will it be harder or does it depend??
well I can see the aura very clearly and im only 12
i believe that ive used to many different methods and scattered my brain and now i focus to much on looking for the aura... wen i tryed this... i noticed some fuzzy stuff around... i stopped, then tryed again and the fuzzy stuff caqme back and i focused and wen i saw the fuzzy patch it was yellow.... did i see my own aura???
Really intresting and amazing..
I photographed a group of people leaving New York's city Grand Central station 5 years ago while on assignment for another project that I was working on at the time. I was successful in photographing 4 different auras in the crowd . The picture is quite amazing to say the least. cc
This is all amazing. What other things can i try?
i dont get it i can see the colors but how can i tell what the colors mean!
Thanks for giving directions on how to see Auras. I think they are important. Sometimes I think I see auras, but there are no colors. I never really tried to see them, but, I will try these methods out.
kindly give some more tips to see aura PAVAN
I started to practice seeing auras yesterday, and I can see blue comin off of orange, and yellow coming off of blue. is that an aura or retnal fatigue? please any tips to see human auras I would glady accept!:)
Probably seeing complementary colors. Just physics, not metaphysics.
I have found that this takes time and practice! Patience is very much needed.. I can see the auras of fruits so far but i'm not going to try to see my own :)
Yesterday night, I can see my brother's aura (with white wall background, night before I sleep, with dim light), it's yellow. Just now, I can see my hand's aura, which is something blue. It's pale blue. "Pale blue indicates little depth, but a struggle toward maturity. The person may not be talented, but he tries. He will have many heartaches and many headaches, but he will keep going in the right direction. "