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Da Vinci Code: The Modern Spirituality Needs Healing

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The Da Vinci Code "Spirituality"

Yesterday we went with some friends to see the new film about the 'offspring' of Jesus and Maria Magdalena. The film was already going on in Europe since more then a week, but we couldn't find any good sits at all. Most of the people have already reserved their tickets on Internet or telephone before, so the only possibility remained to take some places on the second row.

The content of the film goes according to Dan Brown's book "Da Vinci Code." The story tells about detective hunting in our times but the main issue is almost 2000 years old. You see some beautiful parts of modern France and England, but the main characters were based neither in Paris nor in London. You see a very claver professor (played by Tom Hanks) and attractive French police officers but actually they don't play the central role.

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If this film gets any prizes in the future, then it has to go not to our well known Hollywood stars but to others: Jesus from Nazareth and Maria Magdalena. These two are actually the beginning and the possible end of this story.

Were Jesus and Maria Magdalena married to each other and in sexual relation or not?

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