Health Tips For New Life Church and Youth For A Mission Shootings

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In wake of New Life Church and Youth For A Mission capm shootings, eMaxHealth compiles spiritual and mental healing tips.

First, eMaxHealth expresses its deepest sympathies to the victims, family, friends and parishioners of the New Life Church and Youth For A Mission camp shootings. As details surrounding the shootings continue to unfold, eMaxHealth recognizes that this tragedy affects people across the country, especially during the holiday season when Americans more often frequent churches, worship and other community centers.

Mental Health America developed tips to help individuals ease anxieties they may feel in the wake of this tragedy.

  • Know that tragedies, like New Life Church and Youth For A Mission capm shootings, are rare.

  • Develop a personal safety plan to ensure your wellbeing in a similar situation.

  • Limit television viewing. Watching or reading news about the event over and over again will increase your stress.

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  • Talk about it. By communicating with others about the event, you can relieve stress and realize that others share your feelings.

  • If you feel depressed, anxious or angry, talk to friends, family, ministers or others around you. Likely, other people are experiencing similar feelings.

  • Ask for help when you need it. If your feelings of anxiety and worry do not subside or become so intense that they interfere with your daily life, don't try to cope alone. Talk with a mental health professional, spiritual adviser or other person who can help. Seeking help is not a sign of weakness.

eMaxHealth ads to this list the power of prayer. Pray for the victims, families and the parishioners of New Life Church and Youth For A Mission capm shootings. Prayer will bring comfort and you will have the feeling that, while away, you have done something to bring comfort.