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Universal Health Care In NYC Should Include Spiritual Care

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Will New Yorkers include spiritual care in their framework for better health?

State Assemblyman and Health Committee Chairman Richard Gottfried released his proposal this week for expanding quality, affordable health care to all New Yorkers.

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As Gottfried seizes this opportunity to make citizens healthier, the Christian Science Church applauds efforts to equalize access to good care. According to Paul Hannesson, state spokesman for the church, "We appreciate the desire to make humanity safer and healthier. And we hope that any plan to implement universal health care in the state of New York includes one element that will benefit anyone -- spiritual, prayer-based care."

Spiritual care already meets the health care needs of many New Yorkers. This care is reliable and effective. Prayer-based care makes bodies -- and communities -- healthier.

The Christian Science Church is actively engaged with New York lawmakers to preserve everyone's access to spiritual care.

Hannesson is urging lawmakers to "Make the most of this opportunity. New York is creating a system that could meet the needs of all its citizens. To truly do this, any universal health care system must include a spiritual basis for wellbeing. Otherwise, we are excluding what most people believe can make them not only healthier but better."