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Spirituality and Healing

I Am Jealous of My Friend Who Wants a Job Where I Work, but I Feel Terrible

His friend wants a job where he works

He got a job with fixed term contract and told his friend. His friend also wants a job where he works and she applied for a position in the same company. She is now being interviewed for the permanent position and he is jealous. He knows it's bad.

I need to forgive, but I don't know how to forgive and move on in a relationship

Forgiving someone who hurt you

Talking to people and learning about their stories I realize that there are people who want to forgive insults, caused by friends and relatives, and to move one in a relationship, but they don't know how to forgive.

When Married People Fall In Love With Their Therapist and Feel Terrible

Temptation of falling in love with a therapist

It is not normal to have a crush on your therapist when you are married or the therapist is married, but some people do and it's a temptation. Falling in love with a therapist is a big temptation if one of you is married and you need to learn how to fight that temptation.

Scientists from the US traced non human DNA in our ancestors, confirming the biblical narrative in genesis 6

Scientists from the US traced non human DNA in our ancestors, confirming the biblical narrative in genesis 6

A very interesting discovery is puzzling the scientific community, as American researchers found that ancient humans had sexual intercourse with a non-human species at some stage of human history. But, while this modern scientific discovery does not fit the evolutionist rhetoric, this genetic finding confirms the biblical narrative in genesis 6.

Stranger Approaches To a Woman with Lung Cancer and Offers to Pray

Prayer for lung cancer patient

Compassion is in short supply in our society these days. Several days ago I asked the members of Lung Cancer Awareness group on Facebook to share stories of compassion to share with eMaxHealth readers. One of the members named Tanya Cohoon shared this uplifting and inspiring episode form her life that happened few weeks ago.

With Lent Approaching, Are You Preparing Your Body too for This Holy Season?

lent, body, foods, holistic

Lent is a time of self-reflection and deep prayer. You're probably readying your soul for this reflective season and making vows and resolutions. But are you preparing your body, which is Christ's temple, as well?

Love Hormone Oxytocin Affects Spirituality

love hormone oxytocin affects spirituality

The love hormone oxytocin has been so named because it has been linked to social bonding, motherly love, and increased empathy, but now there’s evidence it has even farther-reaching effects. Researchers have shown that oxytocin can enhance the sense of spirituality in men.

Hydrate the Homeless: The New Ice Bucket Challenge

Hydrating the homeless

Water – more specifically buckets of ice cold water – has been making quite a splash across the internet these past few days in the form of a charity movement referred to as the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. This splash, which could be more accurately described as a viral tidal wave, has caused such a storm that members of social media websites have been divided into two distinct and very opposite groups: