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Oklahoma Bill Expands Prenatal Care Services To Undocumented Women

The Oklahoma Health Care Authority,the state's Medicaid agency, voted 6-1 on Thursday to approve a rule that will allow undocumented pregnant women to receive prenatal care as long as their infants become citizens upon birth, the Tulsa World reports (Riggs, Tulsa World,10/12). States are required by federal law to pay for emergency labor and delivery services of undocumented women, who do not qualify for other Medicaid services (Mock, Oklahoman, 10/11).

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Weight Gain Between 1st And 2nd Pregnancies Linked With Increased Odds Of Second Child Being A Boy

Mothers who experienced an increase in weight from the beginning of the first pregnancy to the beginning of the second pregnancy may be slightly more likely to give birth to a baby boy during their second pregnancy.

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Docs Don't Have To Tell Women Seeking Abortions That Procedure Kills Human Being

The New Jersey Supreme Court on Wednesday unanimously ruled that physicians are not required to inform women seeking abortions that the procedure would result in "killing an existing human being," the New York Times reports (Kelley, New York Times,9/13). The court in July 2006 agreed to hear the appeal of a decision that a jury can consider whether a doctor gave adequate medical information to a woman who claims she was unable to give informed consent to undergo an abortion.

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Vatican Calls For Change In Abortion Law After Error Performed During Abortion

The Vatican and some Italian legislators on Monday called for changing the country's abortion law after news of acase in which a healthy twin fetus mistakenly was aborted instead of the other fetus, which had been diagnosed with Down syndrome, AFP/New York Times reports.

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