Gloucester Teen Girls Admit Entering Pregnancy Pact

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Gloucester High School is about to experience a baby boom as 17 teen girls admit entering pregnancy pact to raise their children together. Seventeen

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I just love it when I read an article like this. It shows the true "Christian compassion" of the anti-choice crowd with the " public funds used to support any of the girls involved in such pregnancy pacts. They made their "choice" and they can live with the consequences." statement. Comprehensive sex education, which includes discussions about sexuality AND the impact of pregnancies on teenagers and their future prospects for a good life, might have had an impact, although is such an unusual case involving a fairly close community.
I think one reason there is such a fuss about the Gloucester girls is because a lot of them are pregnant from interracial relationships. It seems that interracial couples, mostly black guys with white girls, do become pregnant more often in high school than other couples, but their should be nothing odd about a 17 or 18 year old getting pregnant. I became pregnant at the end of my junior year of high school at 17. I'm now 18 and seven months pregnant (and Huge). I'm white, my boyfriend is black and very dark. In my high school interracial couples aren't even noticed. The only thing other students notice about us is that I'm very pregnant, but I'm sure that in some schools this isn't the case. Their is still a lot of racism out there.
There is something very beautiful about a very dark black guy and a pale white girl getting together.
There is something very beautiful about a very dark black guy and a pale white girl getting together.
They have to take responsibility on their own. They have parents and family but they need to get jobs and step up to the plate. Maybe they can learn how to fish......
I've noticed that in my high school, there were six couples that were pregnant and all of them were interracial couples, white girls pregnant by black guys.
That family will be so proud when the homeless man comes around to visit his baby on holidays.