A Pregnant Man Thomas Beatie From Oregon Puzzles Medicine

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A man from Oregon named Thomas Beatie claims he is the first pregnant man on earth. The story is more complicated by the fact that Thomas Beatie's doctor confirms that he is 22 weeks ahead in his pregnancy.


However, let's tell our readers from the beginning that the pregnant man used to be a woman. According to an article about Thomas beatie's pregnancy in Telegraph "Thomas Beatie, who was born a woman, describes himself as a "transgender male" in the piece which says his decision to have a child "has been met with discrimination and outright derision by health care professionals."

Mr Beatie is legally male and lives with his wife, Nancy, in Bend, Oregon. Thomas Beatie, of course, is actually a girl. She took some steps toward a sex change operation but did not complete the reproductive goodies.

So how did Mrs. Beatie impregnate her husband? Well she did not do it. Thomas Beatie was seeded by

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