Web Gives Birth To New Pregnancy Lifestyle Destination

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Cradle is the first-of-its-kind lifestyle destination focused solely on expectant and new moms from pre-conception to baby's first birthday. The site was created to give expectant and new moms a central place to embrace this new life stage in an informative and fun environment without feeling overwhelmed with data. The Cradle goes 'live' during America's greatest baby boom since the early 1960's, with more than 4 million new moms in 2006.

Unlike other parenting sites, The Cradle's emphasis is on a specific life stage and lifestyle, and empowers women to trust their own instincts in a supportive community. As more women turn to one another for advice and support, The Cradle provides the ideal place to connect with like-minded expectant and new moms. The Cradle boasts a robust social networking section not seen for this audience before, where those who 'need to know' can connect with those 'in the know' in a private and non-intrusive way; the Web's first section devoted to 'Eco-Cradle' living, including simple steps to green your home while expecting; and other relevant content, product information, and tools to help new moms enthusiastically embrace this transition.


"While I was pregnant, I found myself scouring the Web trying to find one central location to help me prepare for my daughter's arrival. I couldn't find useful content and features all in one place, much less in a voice that resonated with me," said Hilary Zalon, founder and president, The Cradle. "The Cradle is that place -- a destination that addresses both the practical and emotional needs of expectant and new moms; a place to feel at home during their journey."

The site has distinctive resources that allow you to 'park' yourself in one place, as opposed to visiting various sites to satisfy all your needs, delivered in a smart and sophisticated way for today's expectant mom.

Features include: