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Examining Abortion-Rights Views Of Kentucky Gubernatorial Candidates

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Abortion-Rights Views

The AP/Louisville Courier-Journalon Monday examined the abortion views of Kentucky gubernatorialcandidates Steve Beshear (D) and Gov. Ernie Fletcher (R). Fletcher, whoopposes abortion rights, has said that abortions should be illegalexcept in cases of rape, incest or when the pregnancy endangers thelife of the pregnant woman. "I caution everyone to think about theinnocent life involved regardless of the situation," Fletcher said,adding, "The real premise is I believe in the sanctity of life."

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Beshear,who supports abortion rights, opposes the procedure after the firsttrimester but has said decisions about abortions should be left tofamilies, not the government, the AP/Courier-Journalreports. "As governor, I'm going to do everything I can to limit andreduce the number of abortions while respecting the law of the land,"he said, adding, "What I want to do as governor is to take steps thatwill reduce and limit the number of abortions by addressing the maincauses that women get abortions," he said.

Beshear said manywomen who undergo abortions are those without good jobs, who feel likethey would not be able to support children or even pay the medicalcosts of delivering infants. He said the solution is to provide morejob security and better health care for women. "That in and of itselfwill do more to reduce the number of abortions in this state," he said,adding, "That will help make abortion a last choice for somebodyinstead of a first choice."

Fletcher has said that Beshear is attempting to conceal his abortion-rights position. According to the AP/Courier-Journal, two polls released over the past week show Beshear leading Fletcher by double digits (Alford, AP/Louisville Courier-Journal, 9/24).

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