New York Times Examines Romney's Views On Abortion Rights

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Abortion Rights


Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney,who is running for the Republican presidential nomination, has comeunder a "furious assault" from some other Republican candidates and a"powerful network" of abortion-rights opponents in the days leading upto the Iowa straw poll, the New York Timesreports. Nearly all the "attacks are built on the idea" that becauseRomney became an abortion-rights opponent "only relatively recently,"he "cannot be counted on as a committed social conservative," the Timesreports. The question about Romney's previous support for abortionrights has been a "persistent problem," and candidates have used theissue "more than any other to try to plant doubts about [his]principles," the Times reports.

Although Romney"widely" is expected to win the straw poll, the "most important aspectof the contest in the long run may not be the outcome so much as thetest it presents of his political durability and his explanations toconservatives across the country of how and why his positions --especially on abortion -- have evolved in recent years," according tothe Times. Romney has suggested that his victory in theIowa straw poll could be "read as evidence" that the abortion issue"would not hobble his hopes of appealing" to conservative votersnationwide, the Times reports. However, if Romney is"proved wrong," the situation for abortion-rights opponents could turninto a case of "unintended consequences," according to the Times. Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani,who also is running for the Republican nomination, might benefit fromRomney's "faltering," but it also could help former Sen. Fred Thompson(Tenn.), who is expected to announce his candidacy for the Republicannomination next month, the Times reports (Nagourney/Luo, New York Times, 8/10).

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