Pregnancy Baby Watch from BBBoom Tells Fertility Time

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Pregnancy is a time when pregnant women have to keep up with many issues related to timing and pregnancy calendar. There is a new invention from BBBoom, which is a watch and could be an interesting pregnancy calendar, helping to keep up with many calendar events related to pregnancy.

  • BBBoom watch displays your fetile days. Simply enter your personal cycle data and your fertile days will be displayed. However, Please note that the predicted dates to not guarantee safe contraception.

  • Keeps a record of all lab data. BBBOOM remembers all lab test data. BBBOOM keeps a record of all lab data and knows what information to present to you at the right time to protect your health. BBBOOM also features a list of all your usual tests, so your mother can schedule and discuss them with your doctor.

  • Reminds you when you should see your gynecologist.

BBBOOM never forgets any appointments. Upon request, BBBOOM reminds you with sufficient time when you and your mom should see your gynecologist or undergo an important test. It also supplies you with a list of important tests after birth and into infancy.

  • Will show you how large the most important parts of a baby's body should be at specific times.


BBBOOM knows your baby's size. BBBOOM will show you how large (statistically speaking) the most important parts of a baby's body (head diameter, arm length, etc.) should be at specific times during pregnancy. Compare this data with the data your doctor gives you and watch your baby grow healthy and happy.

  • Lets you know how long you have been pregnant.

BBBOOM lets you know how long you have been pregnant. Nine months is a considerable length of time. You may perhaps be unsure how long since the time of pregnancy conception. BBBOOM can help. Just press a button and BBBOOM will let you know, down to the very day.

  • Finding the best name isn't easy! BBBOOM offers you a database list of 5,000 names.

  • Celebrates your baby's birthday with you.

No mother would ever forget the birth day of her child. Neither will BBBOOM. Count on BBBOOM to congratulate you on your first birthday at noon.

  • Will give you access to mother's and child's medical history.

Just press the right button and BBBOOM will give you access to mother's medical history. Some things tend to be forgotten over time. Your mother's own medical history is one of them. BBBOOM keeps an alphabetical record of her past medical history to have on hand next time you both see your doctor. Rest assured she's giving your doctor reliable information for your proper development.